Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Is this what the Samsung Galaxy S IV looks like!!!

The Samsung Galaxy SIV. Image from evleaks' Twitter handle.
Yesterday Samsung put out a teaser video ahead of the launch of its much awaited and much leaked flagship device Galaxy S IV.
The video which doesn’t really say much, is part of a series featuring this super cute child, Jeremy, who is the secret messenger of Samsung UNPACKED 2013 and has to keep the phone a secret. A little late for that now isn’t it, Samsung?
The boy gets to see a peek of the phone, which is kept inside this dazzling white box – literally dazzling. Of course Jeremy now has to hide the phone from the rest of the world and there’s an annoying girl who appears in the end and is determined to get her hands on the box with the smartphone.

How will Jeremy keep the smartphone safe? For that you will have to watch the next part.

The Samsung Galaxy SIV. Image from evleaks’ Twitter handleSamsung will release the phone on 14 March at 7PM in New York City.

We must say it does look like a bit of the Galaxy Note II but hey, nobody’s complaining. Just yesterday, Antutu confirmed that somebody had submitted a benchmark for a new Samsung Galaxy SIV. The test confirmed that device will come with an eight-core processor, 2GB of RAM, a 4.99-inch Full HD (1920×1080) screen and a 13 Megapixel Camera. It will run Android 4.2.
In terms of raw specifications, the Galaxy S IV is going to be pretty fast, no doubt. But it will be other features like S-Pen support, AirView, etc and maybe more that will define the smartphone. For instance New York Times has carried a report today that the S IV will track your eyes for scrolling pages. Basically according to the report, once your eyes reach the bottom of the page, the phone will automatically scroll down to the next few paragraphs. Sounds cool and a little creepy.

Source: firstpost.com

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